Spring is Here!! April 02, 2018 18:14

Time for a lighter look in your home and to get the yard and patio in shape for outdoor enetertaining. We have just what you need at Lilipat Decor!

Happy Spring!

New Year, New Surroundings January 21, 2018 10:25

Happy 2018!  There's a lot more winter yet to come and that means more time staying inside. Warm up your home with furry throws, pillows, and the ambience and warmth from candles and lanterns. Make your home a warm and relaxing place for you and your family and friends. 

There's nowhere like home, right!


Happy Holidays from Lilipat Decor! December 12, 2017 11:02

We, at Lilipat Decor, wish you and yours a very merry holiday season and that the year 2018 will bring joy and prosperity!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lilipat Decor November 22, 2017 13:27

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving  to all of you and yours from Lilipat Decor!

Creating a Comfortable Guest Space August 26, 2017 14:04

Family or friends coming to visit? Give them a private sanctuary while visiting you with these few easy and inexpensive tips:

It goes without saying to thoroughly clean the room and have fresh bedding. A bed, one nightstand, and a small dresser will suffice for a guest room if space is limited but a large chest with a few drawers can also double as a nightstand/dresser. A bench at the end of the bed or elsewhere allows for easy access to suitcases. Put a small bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand and a small clock along with some recent magazines for reading material. A carafe with a glass as a lid filled with fresh ice and water or even a few bottles of water will be a much appreciated gesture. Be sure there is some closet space along with hangers for your guest(s) to use. Place fresh bath linens in the room along with a small basket of small toiletries for those forgotten items. These of course could be placed in the guest bath as well. A nice scented candle adds an extra touch…

These small tips should ensure that your guests feel a warm welcome in your home.

We're at Gracie Lane in Arlington, TX! February 03, 2016 15:32

Lilipat Decor is now open at Gracie Lane in Arlington, TX! And if you're not familiar with Gracie Lane, let me just tell you - it is a collection of boutiques all under one roof and is THE place in Arlington to shop for specialty home decor and  accessory furniture pieces, clothing for babies, children, and women, gift and holiday items, and SO much more! Arlington Today Magazine voted  Gracie Lane as Arlington's Best Place for Shopping and Gifts, 2014 and 2015.

Y'all come see us soon!

YOU CAN DIY!!! MAKE A WREATH October 23, 2015 11:08

Make your own wreath.  It's not as hard as it sounds.  You really can make your own wreath for any occasion.  There are a few simple steps to follow and you're done.  This wreath can be as simple, cheap, complex, or expensive as you want.

The first step is to choose your theme and select your materials.  Stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Jo-Ann's and others are just a few of your shopping options.  There are other sources on line for your shopping needs.  You will need a wreath base, garlands, ribbon, and fine wire for fastening your materials.  

A grapevine wreath is my first choice as a base.  These come in many sizes from small to very large.  There are other bases available such as a Styrofoam ones, wire/metal ones, etc.  Choose the one that fits your needs.  You will need to purchase at least one garland of your choice.  If you are doing a large wreath (over 24 inches), a second garland may be necessary.  Any left over pieces of garland can be added to your wreath.  Choose the color ribbon you want for your wreath.  I prefer a wired ribbon.  This type is easier to shape and fluff.  I use a fine gauge wire to anchor the garland to the wreath.

The process of attaching the garland to the wreath is simple.  First cut two to three inch pieces of wire.  It's easier to pre-cut your wire than hold the garland and cut the wire..  Pick a starting place on your wreath.  There is no right or wrong place to start.  Attach the end of the garland to the base with a piece of wire.  Continue attaching the garland to the base at about six to eight inch gaps.  This will make the garland lay on the base.  When you reach your starting point, make sure you make the ends blend together.

You can make the bow for your wreath or buy one.  The shape and size is something you will have to decide for yourself.  Attach the bow with a piece of wire to your base.  And you are done!!  You made your own decor piece. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

COTTON PICKING TIME September 28, 2015 14:06 1 Comment

Cotton picking season is here. To many older people from the Deep South, this brings back happy memories of childhood, working on the family farm to help out during the harvesting season, working alongside one another and singing songs, mostly spiritual. With a large sack strapped over the shoulder, they would begin early in the day, stopping only for a hearty lunch mid-day. Today we would call this child-labor but back then, it was expected of children to help work the fields and many will say it instilled in them a hard work ethic and self-sufficiency, perseverance, and pride.
For many people, however, “cotton-pickin’ season” stirs up less pleasant memories. It was back-breaking work in extreme temperatures, mostly heat of late summer. But if the cotton wasn’t all picked in early fall due to too many rainy days, the job could continue till frost or even ice was present in December. The hands of a picker would stay sore all season from sticking his fingers with the sharp tips on the cotton burr. The pay was by the pound of cotton picked and it was poor…
Today, cotton is machine harvested in the U.S., by stripper harvesters that have rollers or mechanical brushes that remove the entire boll from the plant or by spindle pickers that pull the cotton from the open bolls using revolving barbed spindles that entwine the fiber and release it after it has separated from the boll. Once harvested, seed cotton is removed from the harvester and stored before it is delivered to the gin where it is removed from the harvester and readied for processing…

So here it is, September again, where here in the South we may pass cotton fields on our way to work and we are reminded of the inconceivably hard work that was once performed by our parents or our grandparents – maybe even ourselves. Perhaps that is why the cotton boll invokes such heart-rendering appreciation not only to us southerners but to all who appreciate the simple beauty of the cotton boll.


FREE SHIPPING September 05, 2015 11:14

Check it out!  We're now offering free shipping on many items. Browse our collections to find them.  And it's just in time for Christmas gift buying. 

The Dog Days of Summer June 26, 2015 10:05 1 Comment

Ah, the dog days of summer…

Longer days mean more time outdoors and to enjoy evenings on the patio or veranda.

We love spending time and entertaining friends and family outdoors. Sweet bliss is a

cup of coffee in the morning with only the sound of birds twirping and squirrels

scampering across the fence. In the evenings, enjoy a cocktail or sweet iced tea (we’re

from the south, after all!) out on the patio with only the sounds of the crickets and

good conversation…

Today, it’s all about outdoor living. Our outside space is just an extension of our

home. We want our homes to be warm and inviting so why not our outdoor living area?

This space doesn’t have to be what you see in decorator magazines. A couple of chairs,

a small table for beverages, an umbrella for shade, and a beautiful lantern or two – oh,

and a pretty potted plant or so - and VOILA! You have an outdoor living space!

Enjoy it with those you love.

Check Us Out!!!! May 31, 2015 13:11

We're expanding and adding items to our product line almost daily.  Recently we added new metal items, and we are in the process of adding baskets and fabric items.  Since our style is transitional: bridging contemporary and traditional.  You could say we have items that are similar to what you might find at high end decor stores.  We are making every effort to keep prices under what you would find in these stores.

This has been a process for us.  Since we really like traditional items, we also like to blend those with more contemporary items.  We also like to add in a little Texas flair:  some metal, some fabric, and of course a star or two.  This is not a ranch style or cabin style.  It's something that every one can like and feel comfortable with.

My mom had the same style but at the time it didn't have a name.  She might buy a very contemporary sofa and put a glass coffee table with it.  She loved glass lamps and pottery items.  She also loved baskets.  I remember her bringing me this large flat basket from a trip she and my dad took to New Mexico - Colorado area.  At first I had a hard time finding a home for the basket, but she just told me to hang it on the wall.  Mom was right!  It looked great and I still have that basket.

She has been gone for over eight years now, but I know she would really enjoy helping us select items that were transitional.  Hope you like our style!  Keep shopping!!

Lilipat Decor Is Open For Business!!! April 07, 2015 10:57



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