Check Us Out!!!! May 31, 2015 13:11

We're expanding and adding items to our product line almost daily.  Recently we added new metal items, and we are in the process of adding baskets and fabric items.  Since our style is transitional: bridging contemporary and traditional.  You could say we have items that are similar to what you might find at high end decor stores.  We are making every effort to keep prices under what you would find in these stores.

This has been a process for us.  Since we really like traditional items, we also like to blend those with more contemporary items.  We also like to add in a little Texas flair:  some metal, some fabric, and of course a star or two.  This is not a ranch style or cabin style.  It's something that every one can like and feel comfortable with.

My mom had the same style but at the time it didn't have a name.  She might buy a very contemporary sofa and put a glass coffee table with it.  She loved glass lamps and pottery items.  She also loved baskets.  I remember her bringing me this large flat basket from a trip she and my dad took to New Mexico - Colorado area.  At first I had a hard time finding a home for the basket, but she just told me to hang it on the wall.  Mom was right!  It looked great and I still have that basket.

She has been gone for over eight years now, but I know she would really enjoy helping us select items that were transitional.  Hope you like our style!  Keep shopping!!