The Dog Days of Summer June 26, 2015 10:05 1 Comment

Ah, the dog days of summer…

Longer days mean more time outdoors and to enjoy evenings on the patio or veranda.

We love spending time and entertaining friends and family outdoors. Sweet bliss is a

cup of coffee in the morning with only the sound of birds twirping and squirrels

scampering across the fence. In the evenings, enjoy a cocktail or sweet iced tea (we’re

from the south, after all!) out on the patio with only the sounds of the crickets and

good conversation…

Today, it’s all about outdoor living. Our outside space is just an extension of our

home. We want our homes to be warm and inviting so why not our outdoor living area?

This space doesn’t have to be what you see in decorator magazines. A couple of chairs,

a small table for beverages, an umbrella for shade, and a beautiful lantern or two – oh,

and a pretty potted plant or so - and VOILA! You have an outdoor living space!

Enjoy it with those you love.