Creating a Comfortable Guest Space August 26, 2017 14:04

Family or friends coming to visit? Give them a private sanctuary while visiting you with these few easy and inexpensive tips:

It goes without saying to thoroughly clean the room and have fresh bedding. A bed, one nightstand, and a small dresser will suffice for a guest room if space is limited but a large chest with a few drawers can also double as a nightstand/dresser. A bench at the end of the bed or elsewhere allows for easy access to suitcases. Put a small bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand and a small clock along with some recent magazines for reading material. A carafe with a glass as a lid filled with fresh ice and water or even a few bottles of water will be a much appreciated gesture. Be sure there is some closet space along with hangers for your guest(s) to use. Place fresh bath linens in the room along with a small basket of small toiletries for those forgotten items. These of course could be placed in the guest bath as well. A nice scented candle adds an extra touch…

These small tips should ensure that your guests feel a warm welcome in your home.